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Children of Kapan Schule

Kapan, Kathmandu

Verein Children of Kapan

Lech, Austria

Preview: April – May 2019, new construction of the access road to the kindergarten

After the last monsoon rain in the summer of 2018 completely destroyed the provisionally repaired access road, we then commissioned preliminary work to establish a rainproof road. In autumn a water channel for the surface water was laid. As usual in Nepal, the rest of the road was made completely unusable. Fortunately we found a bypass over neighbouring plots of land. But this road is now in a desolate state and threatens to break off. The safety of the school bus and the children is no longer guaranteed.

After lengthy discussions with local residents and the community, an agreement was reached on the financing. Half is paid by the community, the other half by Children of Kapan.

So nothing should stand in the way of the completion of the access road in the next weeks.  We strongly believe that the current condition of the road, as it can be seen in the video below, is now history.

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